Blood chemistry analysis and organ function review

Blood test look directly at organ function and indirectly at a wide range of health concerns that can give vital clues as to what nutritional or supplementation strategy to use. All results are delivered in an easy to read format that gives a clear indication of whether each marker is high or low as well as an overview of each organ system based on results. Further test are also suggested. 

All this is possible due to The Functional Body System, results represent an algorithmic analysis of the blood test. Results are converted into an individual Functional Body Systems Report based on the latest research. This report gives you an indication of the level of dysfunction that exists in the various physiological systems in your body. Each Body System that has a probability of dysfunction above 50% is noted, further highly detailed description and individual explanations of the results shown will be in the report.

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Meet our teams Functional nutrtionist Justin Maguire, he has nearly two decades of experience, is a former body building champion and as coached many other body builders to success. He looks after analysis of blood chemistry, advises on nutrition and supplementation.

Justin and Christian will organise your blood test in a harley street blood draw clinic, review your results and make actionable useable advice based on objective results.

If you need to add hormone testing or other tests to your order this will be discussed during your consultaion and arranged appropriatley.

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