12 Weeks Distance Coaching

Feeling Sexy in Your Own Skin is Closer Than You Think 

We'll make sure you get the right program to get results fast based on objective testing to cut out the guess work. 

Reserve your space now by putting down a deposit, if you are not sure or change your mind after your consultation, you get a full refund no questions asked.

Save £300 off the full price 

Benefit from a team of coaches & therapists to help you achieve your goals

All coaching programs cover full spectrum of needs from nutrition, to exercise and lifestyle. The average program consists of weekly check-ins to keep you accountable to the program with monthly program updates, so the programs adapts with you. Your coach will speak to you via a Zoom call (video conference) and a dedicated what’s app group. You will have multiple tools to help you record your progress and view your programs as well as a pre recorded video library to help you along the way.

Reserve Your Space For £500

Here's everything you get...

Live whats app support

We have knowledgeable pros ready to answer your questions via a group what’s app chat, so your not left in the cold to figure things out by yourself.

£200 a month worth of supplments 

Your supplement recommendations are included in the cost of the program and will be sent directly to an address of your choosing.

A team of experienced coaches and therapists 

Benefit from the combined knowledge of a multidisciplinary team rather than relying on a single opinion. It is very difficult to be an expert in more than one area, we rely on each other to keep the team updated on specific areas to make sure we can give you the best advise.

Metabolic analysis 

In short reveal how much you need to eat and how hard you need to train to get your desired result via the only scientifically validated way to directly measure calories burned.

Weekly assessments via a Zoom call 

We'll check in with you on a weekly basis to ensure proper program adherence, answer any questions you may have and review any training, nutrition or health data you have collected.

Video library  

Don't worry about forgetting how to do an exercise or take a measurement, our video library will give you all you need to keep your self on track without having to wait.

Metabolic markers home testing kit + food marble 

We use objective markers like fasting blood glucose and heart rate variability to assess stress levels. You will receive a specialised kit and training to measure these markers at key points of the program.

Monthly program updates 

Each month a major review of progress is held to look at potential changes to keep you progressing towards your goal.

Online program delivery and tracking 

No need for countless emails to keep track of your sessions plans and advice, we have an online platform for you to see it all in one place.

Christian Thomson is a former World Kickboxing Champion and handles the key on boarding processes such as metabolic analysis, supplement & diet recommendations

Virgis is a top body transformation coach with over 8 years’ experience. He will keep you accountable on a weekly basis and control program updates as you progress through. 

Laurence is the owner of Salus studios one of the main locations used for in person sessions. He and his team will work with virgis on delivering in person sessions and advising on exercise programming.

Justin Maguire has nearly two decades of experience is a former body building champion and as coached many other body builders to success. He looks after analysis of blood chemistry, advises on nutrition and supplementation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I sign up?

You can either book your consultation to see if this is really for you or pay your deposit right away, save £300 and then book your consultation. In your consultation you will have an option at this point to ask for a full refund if it is not for you or you have changed your mind. 

How does this work?

Once you have agreed to come on board the remaining money is paid, and the onboarding process starts. Your first step is to get your blood chemistry analysis done and get your home bio marker equipment ordered. Once your equipment has arrived you will record a weeks’ worth of markers which will be taken into account as we devise your program and supplement regime. Week 1 of training will include a review of all health data and an induction to your personal program, as well date setting for future calls and milestones.

Where do you operate?

The program is predominantly online although we use a Central London base for objective test, like blood chemistry analysis. You will need to visit a clinic in Central London to have blood drawn for the test.

What kind of results can I expect?

As long as you follow the program you will see results, we take great care to measure health markers through out, so we can see if everything is moving in the right direction.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. You pay one price and you won’t be asked for any more money after that. Optional additions are available however which include, additional in person coaching session, blood chemistry analysis and further lab testing.

What you get

  • Blood chemistry analysis and review / value £450
  • x 3 month supply of supplements / value = £600
  • Weekly check ins x 12 / value = £1500
  • Bio marker testing kit x 1 / value = £100
  • Food Marble H+ gas test x 1 / vale £200 
  • Access to video library / value = £30
  • Access to a whats app trouble shooting group / value = £300

Total value 

= £3,180

Regular price £2,500

Optional in person additions

Metabolic analysis and stress test 

Many calculations exist to estimate the number of calories you burn but these do not take the dynamic nature of metabolism into account which can cause you to be misled into thinking you are eating in a kcal deficit when you are not. We can also see what level of exercise intensity your body is reacting best to in order to achieve the results you want. Once a base line has been established, we can measure how various supplements are affecting your metabolism live and make recommendations based on objective evidence.

Located in London Bridge = £150 per test

Body Composition Analysis 

Through advanced bio-impedance technology, using multiple frequencies, allows us to objectively measure body fat changes, water retention, muscle and skeletal mass changes. This give us a fantastic tool to monitor progress and make changes where necessary.

Located in Hagerston East London = £50 per test

Pre-program onboarding tests

Heart Rate Varibility 

Heart rate variability is the variability in the time taken between heart beats, this is the gold standard for heart health and directly measures the balance within the ANS. The ANS or autonomic nervous system has two arms the sympathetic arm (fight, flight) and the parasympathetic arm (rest, digest, recover). This balance has major implications for digestive capacity as well as optimal exercise and activity potential.

Fasting Blood Glucose 

Fasting blood glucose is a great measure of metabolic activity, from stress to glucose load requirements. Your fasting glucose levels are great indicators of stress, inflammation and need for synthesis of new materials. By using this marker, we can better ascertain which type and amount of macro nutrients will be most beneficial for you on that given day.

Food Marble Hydrogen Gas Analysis  

Using new portable technology, we measure the level of hydrogen gas being produced in your breath after meals to assess digestion and food intolerances. A food may cause an issue for many reasons, so to understand this, potential solve this or work around it efficiently gathering a full spectrum of information about your bodies objective response to it is vital.

Blood Chemistry Analysis 55+ Markers  

Blood test look directly at organ function and indirectly at a wide range of health concerns that can give vital clues as to what nutritional or supplementation strategy to use. All results are delivered in an easy to read format that gives a clear indication of whether each marker is high or low as well as an overview of each organ system based on results. Further test are also suggested to further discern internal status based on results.

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